I see her online
But the Psych and courage to inbox her jus dies
I wonder who she talks to
cos her bundles never run low
Maybe she’s ever connected to home internet
doing some Netflix or University Assignment
Supposedly,ill assume

I think she’s seeing us go nowhere!
I assume she wants some time alone,but “some time alone” got another meaning
Yo…its hurty that she’s forcing it to keep us hooked on
I don’t see it reciprocated,
I guess,
My weakness is loving too deep
And now I see its enormous potential hurt and self hatred

I unlearn all the folly over time,
Love is a strong word to tell a person,
I should not love that deep cos its the very
firy it will burn deep when
My Expiry date in their life lines up
She’s online
It is well on her side,
but nobody stays away from their hand phone for more than two hours
Do I send messages on a wrong no. or maybe she has no free texts?
I unlearn all the fake and forced trust
And she’s still online


Keep them #poetry#life

I try to ghost up to keep them

I try not to boss up to have them

The irresistible Nature makes me vulnerable

To Self torture

I don’t wanna hurt,I know how it feels when


I still wanna keep them

I found them so different in personality and

Upbringing,it’s least I’ll do to change and

Make them better,

But then,

Then who I’m I to invade their comfy circus?

I’ll level up and jus let seasons fury it all.