Such is a moment for a youth who lives,
A moment without feeling his heart,
he neither asks nor wish’s but forgives,
his heart lives inside him and will never be apart,
a youth of such sadness cannot live but survive,
every time he falls and picks himself up and thinks it’s the start,
he is criticized and tortured for being alive,
Push’s himself into trouble and thinks it to be smart,
if his life was in his hand, he is ready to give,
give it the angel of death after his beloved’s depart.

such is life when there is no humanity,
tis a world that embrace his calamity,
no one is there to see his pain and agony,
he lives in the world, thinking everyone is a family,
but he’s wrong, there’s no unity,
riots emerged with emergence of community,
sadness bonded with him, like earth and gravity,
acting like trusting but none does in reality,
what he hates more is cruelty and brutality,
living within a crazy society.

Such life is for a youth who wants peace,
hatred on him has increased,
the best of his heart, has ceased,
Wishes his soul to disappear with this disease,
verily with hardship comes ease,
had enough of that, this and these,
cry’s to his lord on his knees,
his blood is about to freeze,
spends his last few days under trees breeze,
he don’t have energy to say ”don’t go please”.


When we meet next
Tell me what matters to you
what makes the tight heart in your chest beat fast
what makes your eyes spark
what rests in the abyss of your being that describes the dazzle in your eyes
When we meet next
Tell me about your favorite destination
is it a mountain or a beach?
Tell me how does it make you feel
when you are at the top of the hill
when you stray in the narrow-deep valleys
Or when you hear the fierce sound of the waves
grasping the sun as it melts down in the sea
Tell me why you are so quiet under the stars
what goes on loud in your head as you see them twinkling bright in the dark
Tell me the movie that is close to your heart
the one that forms a lump in your throat
the one that floods your eyes with tears
that descend into warm rivers on your dry cheeks
Tell me the song that is closest to your heart
the one you listen to when all seem dark
When we meet next
will you allow me to take a glimpse of your soul?
show me how gracefully you have woven it to create a piece of an art
When we meet next
Tell me those little tales
that have built a big home in your heart
Tell me what thoughts spring up in your head
which make your lips swiftly spread wide apart
Tell me why you cringe when you are amidst the mass
what keeps you awake at night
Tell me the stories you have buried deep in your heart
the ones that shake you up and thud your heart to talk about
Let me be your expression because I know the toxicity of bottling up the emotions inside
Tell me. Tell me. Tell me.
Tell me everything when it comes to the matters of soul and heart
I will tell you mine
Only this time, I won’t stop babbling.


In these four cracked walls I felt home, Cause out there beyond these bricks, I was in a battled field with a half broken, half crooked sword, My boots had been a worthy delicacy to the emaciated rats in here, My combat uniform a dessert. A home to a weary me, a fattening camp to […]




Who is this woman?
She is, woven out of man.
Just as it is, in the Creator’s plan,
She climaxed creation, http://bharasa.comto complete her man.
The perfect she-man in the great plan.

She is not a competition,
As she is not the woe of man,
But the wonderful side of man.
All that her man is not, she is; the completion.

Back at the garden, she was not the blame.
She just needed her man’s fame,
And thought of him, even in her naivety; the call.
Then, there was a fall,
A fall she less anticipated
But participated anyways.

With blessed womb, she carries new life,
Life of hope, and greatness.
A life to save generations; redemption.

What you give her, she takes, and multiplies.
She never returns with no interest, 
Even if she has no interest.
She always tries.

She worries, nags, fidgets, all for love. 
All that her heart can carry, cannot be explained but expressed.
In her action, she speaks,
And in her physique, she impacts.
Irrespective of how she is treated, she rises.
No matter how society sees her, she makes a move,
A move to make things better, even if she lose praises.

She is the softer part of her man,
The inner part of man in human form.
That part that needs care and attention.
She speaks what her man feels,
And feels what her man speaks.
She is, a Woman; woven out of man.


So hello there! Oh yes you! I missed jotting down few things for you on here! But not to worry,here i am with gemsssss! As usual today we are all about relationships so taday we will be dwelling on compatibility in relationships, moreso romantic relationships! Yes love is great and amazing but have you ever […]



College is not the place to close off your options to date and physically settle with someone. Your significant other may get bored and want to date around/doesn’t have the maturity to overcome problems/graduation comes and your lover waves goodbye and says,”it’s been nice” Carole Liberman[Author & Relationship Expert] Heyyyyyy you!🥳🥳🥳Happy new year! This is […]

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